Car seat from casualplay MULTIPROTECTOR FIX II

Group 1/2/3 (9 to 36 Kg)

Maximum flexibility. As Group 1, you use it with the Impact Shield safety cushion. As a Group 2/3, like Protector Fix, it is outstanding out due to its perfect recline angle and extending seat.

For a good rest during the journey, and greater enjoyment of outings, compatible with all kinds of cars, with or without Isofix, because of its retractable Isofix connectors.

With Comfort Leg & Head system

You adjust the recline angle and the length of the seat using the double front device in the Comfort Leg & Head system. Obtaining the desired recline angle whenever you want is that easy

Legs supported perfectly

As your child grows they always have the right support for their legs, thanks to the first extensible seat. The depth of the seat can also be adjusted. Helps rest the legs, avoids “forced” postures that lead to discomfort and unhappiness.

Winner of German ADAC test.


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